Ancient Indian Symbol – Swastika -#3

If anyone is asked to identify the above symbol, more likely than not, they will identify it as the Nazi Symbol misappropriated by the Third Reich during World War-2.

However, in the Indian civilisation, it is the symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune.  It is called the Swastika which is derived from the Sanskrit Words

Su                : Good or auspicious

Asti             : being

Which loosely translated means “All is well” or “Good fortune”.

It is applied on the entrance of the house or during auspicious events such as marriage, birth, launch of a new business or during important festivals such as Diwali.

This ancient Indian symbol represents the sun and has various interpretations such as the 4 Directions, 4 Vedas (ancient Indian Scriptures), 4 goals of life and 4 Seasons.

The next time you see the symbol, remember it represents the symbol of peace and well-being and not about heinous crimes against humanity.

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