Origin and Significance of Namaste – #1

Have you ever wondered why Indians join their hands and greet each other with the word Namaste? Namaste – the traditional and ancient Indian greeting, has now acquired the exalted status of being a standard greeting across the world in these Covid times. It is a word of Sanskrit origin which is derived as follows: Nama – bow As – I Te – you Or “I bow to you. “ This greeting helps to build a connect with the person you greet at a much deeper level, and certainly more than the casual “Hi”. It is one of the deepest forms of respect and your Yoga teacher will always end his yoga class with a Namaste. We place the hands together at the heart, close the eyes, and bow the head. The practice evokes a sense of gratitude to the world and your teacher. A sense of peace and calm will overcome you. Give it a shot and feel the difference!

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