The Mark on the Head – Tilak -#2

Indians often adorn a colored mark, between the 2 eyebrows on the forehead.  It is a sacred and auspicious mark applied during the daily prayer rituals or important events like marriages and birthdays. They are usually made out of a paste of Sandalwood powder, Turmeric powder turned red with lime.

The mark is referred to as Tilak.

The Tilak is not just a ceremonial application of color or mark on the forehead. This spot between the eyebrows is major nerve point in the human body.  It is also an important 3rd eye energy centre or “Ajna Chakra” in the human body.

Applying pressure on this spot improves concentration, reduces stress, clears sinuses and improves blood supply to the facial muscles. This will also assist in keeping your eyes and skin healthier.

If you visit an Indian Hotel and if they apply this mark on your forehead as a welcome gesture, you now know why.

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