Why do we light a Lamp or Diya in India ? -#4

Globally, light is used as a metaphor for knowledge and information. In India, the act of lighting a Diya or a Lamp has a much greater spiritual significance and has been practised since time immemorial.

Lighting a Diya is a ritual that is performed everyday before the family altar at dusk, an auspicious occasion, birth, death, and during festivals.

As per the Vedas (Ancient Indian scriptures), the Fire is the central element of the 5 elements of pure energy. It produces positive vibes, protects us from negative energies, and dispels the darkness.

The Diya has 3 constituents, which are :

  1. Oil – signifies negative thoughts, intentions, lower emotions,
  2. Wick symbolises our ego
  3. Flame illuminates our path.

One may wonder, why not just light a bulb instead of a Diya. It is because the flame of a diya produces electro-magnetic forces, which penetrate the human body and activate the nerves.

When Paul Simon, said – “When you are weary, feeling small, and when evening falls so hard” – it’s time to light up your life.

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